Clark Hunt Talks Keeping Alex Smith Long Term

The Kansas City Chiefs have no shortage of players that are free agents this offseason. Even though QB Alex Smith isn’t part of that group, the Chiefs could lock him up long term.

Smith is entering the final year of his contract, but the team could just let him play out the season and then use their franchise tag if he puts together another solid campaign. But listening to owner Clark Hunt on 810 WHB in Kansas City, it sounds like the team will be putting together a new deal for Smith.

“When we made the trade for him a year ago, that was part of the thinking,” Hunt said, according to an ESPN transcript. “I don’t think that thinking has changed. He came in and did a nice job. We’re glad to have him as a part of the Kansas City Chiefs and we hope it’s longer than a two-year stay.”

The historic collapse against the Indianapolis Colts has gotten all the attention since the Chiefs season ended, but it shouldn’t be lost that Smith showed the ability to carry Any Reid’s offense. That’s something that wasn’t lost on the Chiefs owner.

“One of the things I enjoyed about the season was watching him get better as we went along, which makes sense,” Hunt said. “Andy’s offense is pretty complicated, even for someone as bright as Alex. But the longer he played in it, the longer the rest of the team was in this offense, you could see him getting better. I think it’s very exciting for 2014 to see where that offense goes.”

I think it’s exciting to see what this offense can do too, but I’m equally excited to see what kind of terms these two sides could agree on. Smith’s representatives no doubt will shoot for something similar to Jay Cutler’s brand new deal, which guarantees the Bears quarterback $54 million over the next three seasons.

Meanwhile, the team can sit back and just let him play out the final year of his contract and use the franchise tag in 2015 for a cost of just north of $22 million over two seasons.

Smith will have a good case, considering he’s a year younger than Cutler and has played more games over the last three seasons (41 to 36).

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