Applaud The Chiefs For Getting Their Man… Again

The Kansas City Chiefs continued an offseason of doing whatever necessary to get who they wanted. Owner Clark Hunt quickly brought new head coach Andy Reid into the fold, not allowing him to speak with another team once they were in the same room together.AlexSmith3

Now they have stepped up and acquired quarterback Alex Smith two weeks before the deal can even be made official. The Chiefs will be sending their second round pick in April’s draft to San Francisco along with a “similar” selection in the 2014 draft.

This isn’t a band aid-type move. By putting such a large price tag on Smith’s head, Andy Reid is loudly proclaiming he has found the Chiefs quarterback of the present and future. If there was any doubt this two-win team is planning on fighting for the division title in 2013, that should be gone now.

The Chiefs got an up close look at every quarterback available in the draft over the weekend and decided Smith was better than every one of them. So when Reid and GM John Dorsey got back to Kansas City they did what they had to in order to get him in a Chiefs uniform.

You can yell and scream about how you think this is a terrible move, but you should also applaud Reid and Dorsey for taking a cue from their owner and aggressively going after what they wanted.

Does a second round pick (and more next year) look like a lot for a quarterback that had no future with his current team? It absolutely does to me. But there’s something to be said for a team drawing up a plan and executing it.

This wasn’t a panic move after options one, two and three fell apart. Reid and Dorsey saw what was available and chose Smith to fill their team’s biggest need. They are both smart football men and knew this wouldn’t be the most popular move with so many fans clamoring for someone like Geno Smith.

Kudos to the Chiefs for being aggressive and making sure they didn’t miss out on the guy they wanted.


  1. And Pioli got his man Tyson Jackson. Applause.

  2. But Pioli was rarely aggressive, just happy to sit on his hands and have things come to him.

    I’m not saying Alex Smith will end up being the answer, but I think the team deserves credit for being proactive.

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