A Compromise For Kansas City Chiefs Fans

There seems to be a very strong feeling among Kansas City Chiefs fans that now is the time for owner Clark Hunt to make some major changes. Some feel those changes are well overdue considering how bad the Chiefs have been for most of the season.

Over two weeks ago, when the Chiefs were embarrassed by the San Diego Chargers on national TV, I pleaded with Hunt to leave things be. With the season long gone, why shake things up when you can just wait until the offseason?

Don’t get me wrong, I want to see turnover throughout this franchise. From the GM all the way down to the ball boys, I want to fire everyone. Clean house completely and start from scratch.

To this point, Hunt has taken my suggestions. The only move of note so far has been to release struggling CB Stanford Routt just games into his Chiefs career.

My reasoning was met with some push back at first, but now is seen almost as negatively as some of the Chiefs brass. So with that in mind, I offer a compromise for the Chiefs owner that might be welcomed by a larger portion of the fan base.

The first step is to fire GM Scott Pioli. It goes against one of the major parts of my original plan, but Chiefs fans need blood. And I think sending Pioli packing will give the Sea of Red enough to chew on at least through Christmas.

Once Pioli is in his car and on his way back home, Hunt should hold a press conference and explain as clear as possible that this sort of losing is completely unacceptable. He can announce that he is going to scour the earth for a general manager that will help turn this team around.

That, however, is where the firings should stop. Explaining that a new GM should be able to hire and fire who he or she wants is something that won’t make everyone happy, but should be a reasonable enough excuse.

Why let Crennel finish the season as head coach?

The last thing the Chiefs need is someone like Jim Zorn winning three or four games and not only blowing any chance at the top pick, but also forcing Hunt’s hand to remove the interim tag the way he did with Crennel last season.

This very simple, but effective, plan should give some much needed hope for the future of the Chiefs while still keeping the No. 1 overall pick in the picture.

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