Romeo Crennel Avoids Drama With Depth Chart

The Kansas City Chiefs released their second depth chart of the preseason and there wasn’t one change. Not at quarterback (Ricky Stanzi vs. Brady Quinn!), final offensive lineman (David Mims vs. Ray Willis!) or even punt/kick returner (Devon Wylie behind Dexter McCluster and Javier Arenas).

Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel has warned not to read much into preseason depth charts and did his part to make sure that doesn’t happen by refusing to make changes. This isn’t Crennel’s first rodeo and he knows he can talk about the lack of importance these depth charts carry all he wants, but even the smallest change is still immediately analyzed.

Matt Cassel is the Chiefs starting quarterback and is going to be there opening day unless he gets hurt between now and then. So what would it hurt to swap Stanzi and Quinn each week leading up to the season? It could turn out to not be a big deal at all, but now the two backups get to go about their business without trying to explain why their status may have changed.

The same goes for first-round pick Dontari Poe at nose tackle. Expectations for the No. 11 overall pick in April’s draft have already been lowered, so no need to move him up and down the depth chart just because he’s struggling early on.

With the first roster cutdown two weeks away, Crennel and his Chiefs will be best served by keeping things status quo on the depth chart until then. The only change that would be needed is if/when Dwayne Bowe signs his franchise tender and reports to camp.

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