Chiefs Won’t Follow In The Colts Footsteps

The 2013 NFL Draft is just two days away and the Kansas City Chiefs have been on the clock since their terribly 2012 season came to a close. They have a chance to follow the example of many teams that announced who the first overall pick would be before the draft.

The Indianapolis Colts let the world in on the worst kept secret the Tuesday before the draft last year: Andrew Luck would be the first player off the board.

Don’t expect GM John Dorsey and head coach Andy Reid to let anyone in on their secret today or any time before things kick off in New York City Thursday night. That’s the word from ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

While the Chiefs likely have already made up their minds about who to take with the first overall pick, that’s assuming they stay in that spot. Like many teams sitting in the top third of the draft, Kansas City will look to move back and pick up extra picks.

Until they are ready to shut the door on moving the top pick, there’s no need for the Chiefs to announce their intentions before they hand in their draft card.

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