John Dorsey Gives Life Advice We Can All Use

It’s not often we get messages from the sports world we can take into our daily life. But new Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey gave us a perfect one during his introductory press conference.JohnDorsey

Dorsey was talking about the work ethic he inherited from his father and how that translates to his daily life.

“I like to wake up every morning to see if I can make a contribution because you want to get better every day in life,” Dorsey told a packed press room. “And I truly believe if you can work on the little things and achieve something special every day, then you are going to get a little bit better. I like to learn too. Not all of us have all the answers.”

Forget that he has worked in the NFL for all of his adult life and those are words we can live by. Not only can we all try to be better every day, but don’t be afraid of saying “I don’t know”. Too often I’ve found people in all walks of life view that as a sign of weakness, but it’s just the opposite.

As for what it means for the Chiefs, after a guy like Scott Pioli that always wanted to see like he had all the answers, this will be a welcome change in Kansas City.

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