Clark Hunt Will Try to Reel In A Big Name


When the Kansas City Chiefs decided to fire head coach Romeo Crennel but not GM Scott Pioli, it was a sign that owner Clark Hunt will try to bring in a big name and not just another retread or assistant just happy for an opportunity.

Or at least that’s the only thing that makes sense.

Instead of cutting ties with Crennel and Pioli at once and going through the motions of hiring a ho-hum GM then less-than-stellar head coach, Hunt will go fishing in deep waters first. If he can somehow convince a Bill Cowher or Chip Kelly to work in Kansas City, they can come in on their white horse and fire Pioli while bringing in their own people.

Will any big name want to work for a franchise that refused to pay former head coach Todd Haley what he was owed?

Probably not, but by doing this himself, Hunt can show any candidate they will have final say on all matters, starting with the right to determine Pioli’s future.

If Hunt ever opened up his check book AND overcame the Chiefs reputation to get a big name to sign on, that person would already be loved by the Kansas City fans. Pushing Pioli out the door as his first order of business? He’d be treated like a God.

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