Patriots Outscored The 2012 Chiefs In Five Weeks

The Kansas City Chiefs haven’t scored the fewest amount of points in the NFL, that honor belongs to the soon-to-be-fired Ken Whisenhunt and the Arizona Cardinals. But don’t fret, the Chiefs are just nine points ahead of the Cardinals, so there’s still time left to be the best at being the worst!

A day after Romeo Crennel’s team managed just 7 points against the Cleveland Browns, the New England Patriots hung 42 points on the Houston Texans. Obviously no one thought the Chiefs would be able to score at the same clip as the Patriots, even if GM Scott Pioli has been trying to follow the New England blueprint since he got to town.

However, when you look at the numbers, the difference between these two franchises couldn’t be any more glaring.

In just the last five weeks, the Patriots have scored 210 points. The Chiefs have put 195 points on the board all season. The most points scored by Kansas City this season is 27 (twice). New England has failed to top that number just three times and more than doubled it last month against the Indianapolis Colts (59).

I can’t even fathom the Chiefs dropping 59 points on an opponent. Maybe that’s because they have only scored 62 points in the last six weeks.

And if you needed any more depressing stats about this joke of an offense. Remember that 2-14 2008 Chiefs team? The one that led to the last house cleaning and what we all figured was rock bottom?

That team scored 291 points, meaning Kansas City would need to average 32 points over the final three games this year just to tie that mark.

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