Lilja Eyes Bounce Back Season

The Kansas City Chiefs kick off their offseason program on Monday and while there’s no way to know if everyone will show up (Dwayne Bowe?), it’s a chance for a team that finished last in the AFC West last season to start fresh.

No one is more ready to turn the page on a disappointing 2011 campaign than veteran guard Ryan Lilja. He struggled for most of the season and told the KC Star the lack of these workouts last year due to the lockout could have been the reason.

“I was training but I was boxing. I was swimming. I was doing stupid stuff like beating on tires with a sledgehammer. I was so far away from footwork stuff that we need to do and getting into a stance and coming out of a stance. So maybe getting back to football stuff this spring will help me.”

One of the many benefits to having a full offseason is allowing Lilja — and every other player — get back some normalcy. Things were always off last season after the lockout ended and weren’t helped any when former head coach Todd Haley’s plan to alter how preseason games had always been approached blew up in his face.

The team will get more work done during their May and June mini-camps, but this week they can get things off on the right foot. A welcome change from the disaster of last season.

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