So You’re Telling Me There’s A Chance?

Peyton Manning and the Kansas City Chiefs just may be able to get together after all. Late Sunday there was a report the former Indianapolis Colts QB had crossed the Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks off his list.

Now comes a report shooting down the initial report. Got that?

This time it’s Doug Farrar weighing in on the Manning Sweepstakes, saying indeed the Chiefs are “still in the hunt”.

From the moment Manning was released by the Colts, the feeling was he wanted to pick a new team by the time free agency opened on Tuesday. It made sense if he wanted to serve as a recruiter. That too has now been shot down, with signing by Tuesday seen as “highly unlikely”.

No doubt there will be four or five more reports claiming to have the inside track on Manning’s thinking between now and whenever he actually picks a team. The thing is, it’s hard to consider the Chiefs truly a contender for his services if he is unwilling to visit Arrowhead to meet with Clark Hunt and Scott Pioli.

So, yes, there still appears to be a chance. But to think it’s anything but slim is optimistic.

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