Clark Hunt Talks “Most Difficult” Season In Football


Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has earned high praise for his quick — and high profile — moves so far this offseason and we aren’t even out of January yet. But Hunt is also still reflecting on what was one of the most trying seasons an NFL franchise could go through.

The owner sat down with Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News last week to talk about the 2-12 season and what lies ahead.

“Of the 15-20 years I’ve been actively involved in this business, it was by far the most difficult for me personally, both in terms of the team’s performance on the field but also what we had to deal with off the field,” Hunt told Gosselin.

Obviously the biggest thing he had to cope with off the field was the murder-suicide involving linebacker Jovan Belcher.

“That was a reminder to us all how important relationships are. No one in the organization saw it coming. None of the players who knew him would have ever picked him as someone capable of that. [Chiefs quarterback] Brady Quinn said what we learned from this was when you ask someone how they’re doing, you really need to mean it.”

With the hiring of Andy Reid and John Dorsey as the new head coach and general manager, Hunt sees better days ahead in Kansas City.

“I’m very optimistic about the future. I believe you have to hire talented people, and let them do their jobs. Make sure you’ve got a group that can work together, give them the resources they need and then let them do their job.”

And it’s that last part that will ultimately decide just how successful this offseason ends up being for the Chiefs. The last few seasons we’ve seen Hunt mostly sit on his check book while refusing to use massive cap room former GM Scott Pioli was able to amass.

He’ll need to show the fans that not only can he get the big names to run the show, but also give them a hefty allowance get any players they need to get the job done.

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