Report: Manning Heading To AFC West Or South

The latest update on free agent QB Peyton Manning has his list of potential teams down to just two. Manning is preparing to choose between the Denver Broncos and Tennessee Titans, according to the Denver Post.

Things have changes on the Manning front several times since he was released by the Indianapolis Colts, so odds are we will hear about more teams still holding out hope they can sign the future Hall of Famer.

What should be clear at this point is the Kansas City Chiefs were never on the mind of Manning. Despite the team expressing interest in bringing him to town, they weren’t able to get a sit down with Manning. The Broncos, Arizona Cardinals and Miami Dolphins all had meetings and the Tennessee Titans have one scheduled for Wednesday.

Now the Chiefs just have to hope he takes his talents back to Tennessee or to the Miami Dolphins — a team one source still claim could be a factor — instead of Denver. After the Broncos won the AFC West without getting much out of the quarterback position with Tim Tebow, it goes without saying Manning would vault them to the top of the division.

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