Matt Cassel Ready To Support Brady Quinn

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel is in a tough spot. He’s spent the last four seasons as the starter and now is left for now to take all of the blame for a league-worst 1-5 start.

Obviously his non-stop trail of turnovers are a big reason for the Chiefs struggles, but it would be shortsighted to lay all of the team’s troubles at his feet. Knowing he isn’t the only problem and prideful, it would be easy for Cassel to come out firing after being benched in favor of Brady Quinn.

Cassel seemed to walk that line between anger and supportive teammate carefully.

“Am I going to say that I’m happy about this situation? Absolutely not,” Cassel told reporters Monday. “I’m frustrated, but at the same time, I’m a team captain on this team. I care about this team, and again, as we move forward, I’m a big boy. I’m not going to hang my head.”

“I’ll support Brady Quinn and get him ready to play. That’s my role as a teammate and as a captain of this team.”

The Chiefs new backup also was quick to point out he is healthy (“I feel fine”) and he will be fully prepared to step back into his old role if needed.

“Absolutely. You’re not going to take the fight out of me, so I’m going to continue to fight, compete in whatever capacity that is. Again, if that opportunity comes up again, I’ll be ready.”

Quinn said is happy to get the chance but didn’t expect it to happen after a lackluster performance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“I’m excited about the opportunity. I think, especially after coming off last week, we have a lot to do. I’m excited about the opportunity of getting to play.”

If the Kansas City offense continues to struggle with Quinn under center, could it really be too long before young Ricky Stanzi gets his shot?

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