Shields Downplays Fisher’s Move From Left Tackle

During the Kansas City Chiefs three-day rookie minicamp this weekend, we will get our first look at first overall pick Eric Fisher. The tackle from Central Michigan could have to play on the right side after holding down the left in college.EricFisher3

While how difficult that transition is continues to be an ongoing debate, former Chiefs great Will Shields believes the rookie can pull it off if needed.

“Some people make it more complicated than it can be,” Shields told The Star. “It just depends on how good you are as an athlete. How are you going to work at it to make yourself work on both sides. In high school, I played left. Then, all through college, I played right. It depends on your mental makeup of ‘Hey, can I switch sides …’ What are you going to do [to] win a job, that’s what it comes down to.”

If the Chiefs decide they are keeping Albert on the left side for one more year before installing Fisher long-term, Shields knows the choices facing the team are simple.

“The other guy either sits on the bench or you put him on the other side, and say, ‘Hey, you have to buck up and earn that other job.”

Not only do I think Fisher will “buck up”, but he can be one of the best right tackles in the NFL by the time his rookie season comes to a close. That is, of course, assuming the Chiefs are still unable to find a landing spot for Albert before training camp rolls around.

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