Scott Pioli Lays Out His Expectations For Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are heading to New Orleans to take on the Saints sitting at 0-2, and staring at a very likely 0-3, to start the 2012 season. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that fans and media alike are throwing plenty of blame at GM Scott Pioli.

All of the excuses that could be made for Pioli in the past — rebuilding, Todd Haley, injuries — are no longer in play, putting the spotlight on the man making the decisions.

In an attempt to get ahead of the storm heading his way, Pioli spoke to The Star about being “disappointed in the results so far” and laid out what his expectations are for the struggling Chiefs.

“To improve, get better and start winning some games in whatever order that is. Those are my expectations, but I want to be clear those are mine and our expectations,” Pioli told Adam Teicher. “I think those are the players’ expectations, the coaching staff, the fan base. Our expectations at the beginning of this year were that we were going to be winning games. Right now, we haven’t done that. (But) we’re two games into a 16-game season.”

I think we can all agree Pioli’s expectations can happen in different orders, but that they all need to start with “winning”. Because if the Chiefs go out and drop games to the Saints and Chargers, no one is going to care about the team getting better or improving, however Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel will want to shape it.

Last season the Chiefs were able to recover from a horrendous start so we all can agree the season isn’t over at 0-2 or even 0-3. However, last year Peyton Manning wasn’t in the division, making this hole much deeper than the one Haley’s team found themselves in.

As a side note, it shouldn’t be surprising that Pioli chose Teicher to speak with at The Star and not Kent Babb or Sam Mellinger. After all, Babb and Mellinger eviscerated the Chiefs GM after Sunday’s no-show against the Buffalo Bills.

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