Chiefs Have Open Roster Spot For Shaun Smith

When former Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Shaun Smith was released by the Tennessee Titans on Wednesday, there was an immediate flood of calls from the fans to bring the big man back to Arrowhead.

Smith was a huge part of the 2010 AFC West championship team and already has a big fan in new head coach Romeo Crennel, who was a part of bringing him to Kansas City the first time.

“Shaun is my man,” Crennel told reporters before making it clear no move was a guarantee. “Shaun would love to be here, I’m sure, but we’ve got some guys on the team right now that they’ve worked pretty good and we feel decent about them, and then we’ll have to kind of look at it and see.”

If the Chiefs wanted to take a look at Smith, they could do it without being forced to part with any of their current defensive linemen or any player for that matter. Crennel and GM Scott Pioli have yet to replace Tony Ugoh, the offensive tackle that retired last Friday.

However, if they did sign him this weekend, the Chiefs would only have until Tuesday before making the extra cut. That’s when teams around the NFL have to make their first of two big chops to the roster.

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