Chiefs Can Afford Nick Foles Or Alex Smith

If the Kansas City Chiefs decides to pass on a quarterback early in April’s NFL Draft, they could instead turn their focus to filling their biggest need with a trade. The two most likely targets are Nick Foles from the Philadelphia Eagles and Alex Smith from the San Francisco 49ers.NickFoles2

Both players are likely to end up on the bench in 2013 with their current teams and can be had for the right price. For the first time this offseason, we’re starting to get an idea of what that price would be.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen talked about the starting point for an Andy Reid-Foles reunion.

“I think it’d take probably a third-rounder to get Foles. So I wouldn’t close the door on that.”

With the Chiefs sitting at the top of every round, they’d be in a perfect situation to spin their second round pick into an extra third rounder, which would allow them to add Foles without altering their board much.

If a match can’t be made with Kansas City and Philadelphia, Smith is another option and one Mortensen sees as even more affordable.

“Bottom line is there’s not gonna be a lot of suitors for him. … Maybe a fourth-rounder gets it done.”

You may not get very excited about Foles or Smith, but assuming Reid believes wither quarterback can come in and get the job done, getting them for a third or fourth-round pick would give the team so much more flexibility as they try to patch the holes on last year’s 2-14 squad.

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