Alex Smith Trade “Effectively Complete” … To Chiefs?


It’s no secret quarterback Alex Smith will be moved this offseason, but it looks like it will happen sooner than anyone thought. According to CBS Sports, a trade for the veteran signal caller is “effectively complete”.

Just where the San Francisco 49ers send Smith is still up in the air. Though as more teams are ruled out, it looks more like the Kansas City Chiefs could be the destination.

Over the weekend at the Scouting Combine, reported rumors around Indianapolis was that a trade for Smith to the Chiefs was “all but done’. No deal can be officially completed until the new league year starts on March 12.

As we talked about at the start of the weekend, the Chiefs are in a perfect position to land Smith or Nick Foles of the Philadelphia Eagles. New GM John Dorsey is sitting at the top of each round, giving him plenty of time to work out deals to pick up extra picks to make up for anything he needs to part with to land Smith or Foles.

If a deal does go down between the 49ers and Chiefs, it wouldn’t be anything new for a San Francisco QB to find work in Kansas City. Steve Bono, Steve DeBerg, Elvis Grbac and Joe Montana have all made the jump from one franchise to the other.

Any trade for Smith also puts to bed any talk of another Smith, Geno, landing with the Chiefs in April with the first overall pick. The quarterback from West Virginia has been seen as a possibility for the Chiefs at the top of the first round.

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