Chiefs Could Have Company During Training Camp

When the Kansas City Chiefs head to Missouri Western State University for training camp this summer, they may not be alone… at least not for a little while.

The Arizona Cardinals reportedly toured the campus over the weekend to see if it could be a fit for their squad. A short visit for the Cardinals would the Chiefs to hit someone in a different jersey before the preseason schedule kicks off.

If the Cardinals were to stay for any sort of extended period of time, the teams would be able to get several joint practices/scrimmages under their belt. That sort of switch from the daily grind could be a huge plus for both squads as they look to prepare for the season and hopefully avoid another disastrous preseason.

When the Chiefs were holding training camp in River Falls, Wisconsin, the team would scrimmage against the Minnesota Vikings. That, however, had it’s rough patches, including a practice between the two teams cut short by then-coach Herm Edwards in 2007 after a scuffle broke out between the Chiefs offense and the Vikings defense.

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