Branden Albert: I’ll Have Tamba Hali, Justin Houstin Coming For My Neck

The pads are going on at training camp for the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday, giving the 90 players a chance to finally show what they can really do. A lot of guys look good with just a helmet on when there’s no chance of getting knocked into next week.BrandenAlbertCamp

Things will be changing for pretty much every one other than Dustin Colquitt and Ryan Succop, but left tackle Branden Albert is quick to remind everyone he and the rest of the line will have a unique challenge.

“I’ll have Tamba (Hali) and Justin (Houston) coming for my neck and (Eric) Fisher’s, every play,” Albert said after practice Saturday. “I expect that. You expect guys to be competitive, guys getting down, trying to make each other better and that’s what coach wants.”

Going up against two of the best pass rushing linebackers in the league every day puts Albert and Fisher in a unique position compared to a lot of their teammates. Just look at Brandon Flowers, who with Dwayne Bowe out of action doesn’t have to go up against a single proven wide receiver.

Guys are going all out trying to prove themselves, but I think most of us would agree there’s a world of difference between what is facing the Chiefs tackles and Flowers lining up against the likes of Devon Wylie.

There will be plenty to look forward to during the first practice in pads, but the Albert/Fisher and Tamba/Houston matchups will be at the top of everyone’s list.

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