KC Starts Early — Release Eight

The Kansas City Chiefs got a jump on the cut deadline of 3pm CT tomorrow by releasing 8 players.

Five of the players were from the offensive side of the ball:

FB Jed Collins, C Eric Ghiaciuc, T Damion McIntosh, T Herb Taylor and G Tavares Washington.

The remaining defensive players were:

CB Travis Daniels, CB Londen Fryar and LB Corey Smith.

The Chiefs still have to let go of 14 more players by tomorrow afternoon.

FirstCuts09No huge shocks here.

Collins gets the boot and announcers everywhere rejoice as they get to say “Johnson and Cox in the I” all season long.

The offensive line has been atrocious so there isn’t any cut outside of Branden Albert or Brian Waters that would surprise me.  I had high hopes for Taylor, so it’s a bummer to see him go but you can’t argue with the decision.  McIntosh was going to get someone killed and it’s clear it’s time for him to retire.

Smith is an UDFA that fit the Pioli profile: smart, hard nosed and willing to rip it up on special teams.  Going into the preseason I was hoping at the worst he would be a practice squad candidate, but being a part of the first wave of cuts isn’t a good sign.

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