Kelly Gregg: This Is The Perfect Opportunity

New Chiefs NT isn’t able to practice until August 4th, but he has still reported to St. Joseph, MO to attend training camp meetings.

The veteran defensive lineman had played nine seasons (plus another on the sidelines with an injury) for the Ravens and when he was released had a chance to go and play for his former Ravens coach Rex Ryan in New York.  However, Gregg said the Chiefs presented the best option.

“Oh yeah, I heard from the Jets, but this is the perfect opportunity,” Gregg told Scout on Saturday from Chiefs training camp.  “It’s an hour-flight from my house in Oklahoma and this is an up-and-coming team.  I’ll be working with a good rookie in Jerrell Powe and he looks like he’s going to be a player.

Just because he’s seemingly seen it all in the league and will be a mentor in Kansas City, Gregg will still be dealing with the same first-day-of-school feelings that the Chiefs draft choices are currently going through.

“It’s a fresh start.  I can get in a groove. It starts all over again.  I feel like a rookie again.”

Though he has a down year with the Ravens in 2010, you have to wonder if being released by his long-term team will help motivate Gregg to finish out his career with a couple of strong seasons.  At worst, he will show Powe how to play the game the right way and build your career for the long haul.


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