Kendrick Lewis Ready To Start

As the Chiefs get ready to kick off their mandatory mini-camp today in Kansas City, it looks like both of their starting safeties will be rookies: Eric Berry and Kendrick Lewis.  Time will tell if both men hold onto their jobs in training camp, but the less heralded Lewis certainly believes he can handle a job usually reserved for a veteran.

“There are some things I’m comfortable with, and some things I’m still learning and still unsure about,” Lewis said.  “The communication between me and the other safeties helps me get through.”

He also said he wouldn’t hesitate to correct a veteran like Mike Vrabel if the linebacker lined up in the wrong spot before a play.

“If you’re going to be a safety, you’ve got to be able to line guys up and get guys in order,” he said.  “I accept that, and I’m working hard at it.”

From the moment his name was called at the NFL Draft, it was assumed that Berry would start in the Chiefs defensive backfield from day one.  Lewis, on the other hand, has had far lower expectations as a fifth-round selection.

There were people screaming (and by “people” I mean “me”) about Myron Rolle needing to be the choice for Kansas City if they decided to take another safety.  Yet all Lewis has done is come in, put his head down, and get the job done.  As Todd Haley has been quick to point out, it’s early and there will be more shuffling in the starting lineup over the summer.

But Haley also loves to say the guys that give the Chiefs the best chance to win will play.  So far in his young career, Lewis looks like he fits the bill.

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