Kiper Four Round Mock: Berry Flavored

The multi-round mock drafts continue with’s Mel Kiper taking a stab at the first four rounds.  Much like’s best guess at the first two rounds, Kiper is focusing on the Chiefs defense with the majority of the selections.

First round (5): S Eric Berry
Second round (36, 50): DT Terrence Cody, WR Eric Decker
Third round (68): LB Donald Butler
Fourth round (102): QB Mike Kafka

Summary: The Chiefs have the chance to do a lot with three picks inside the top 50 in a draft this deep, and they hit needs here (which is good, because arguably no team outside of Detroit has more).  Berry is a star-in-waiting, and the comparisons to Ed Reed won’t go away until he proves otherwise.  Cody is as projectable a player as there is in the whole draft.  He’s the best true anchor for the 3-4 you can find on the entire board. Decker was hugely productive in college and is a physical type who will fight for the ball, and Butler should step in well as an inside linebacker in that scheme.  Kafka is a competitor you can develop.

Like last year with Aaron Curry, any draft that begins with Berry would be a win in my book.

Cody and Decker would make for a solid second round, but both come with plenty of questions.

With Mount Cody you have to wonder if he will eat his way out of the NFL once he gets drafted or will ever have the conditioning to play enough snaps to be dominating inside.

Decker is a big kid that was super productive at Minnesota but was injured in each of his final two seasons.  The foot injury that ended his 2009 season has prevented him from working out before the draft and any team drafting him will need to get a grasp of just how long it will take for Decker to get back on the field.  He did, however, fight to get back from knee surgery his junior year so he could play in Minnesota’s bowl game.  That along with his combine-high wonderlic score (43) could place him squarely in “the right 53”.

I have no interest in Kafka.  Not because he doesn’t have potential to develop, but because there’s no reason for the Chiefs to waste any of their 8 picks on a quarterback.  Stick to needs and depth, neither of which describes QB if Croyle is going to stay in Kansas City next season.

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