Kiper Stuck On Okung

ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper put together a mailbag this weekend and a Chiefs fan wondered if Kansas City would look at a defensive player like Eric Berry or Joe Haden instead of an offensive lineman.

There’s no question that free safety is a position of need for the Chiefs, but this team has needs all over the place.  In fact, I think the Chiefs, Rams and Browns have as many needs as any other team in the NFL.  The Chiefs may have even more draft needs than Detroit.

The issue is one of value.  I just don’t think Berry will be around at No. 6, and with as many needs as K.C. has, it’s not a scenario where you can see it trading up for a specific guy.  And remember this with Russell Okung: If you get him at No. 6, you have the chance to improve two positions, not just one, because it gives you a chance to move Branden Albert along the line.  The Dolphins did that a few years ago when they landed Jake Long, and it paid dividends immediately.

First, it’s a little curious that Kiper thinks the Chiefs are drafting 6th instead of 5th.  With that being said, Berry and Okung seem to be the most popular names attached to Kansas City right now.

I’ll never complain about upgrading the offensive line, but assuming that Berry is gone I think the Chiefs would be making a big mistake by passing on Haden.  Having two No. 1 corners will be awfully expensive (once Brandon Flowers gets his new deal) but will give Romeo Crennel a lot more flexibility when it comes to blitzing, especially from the safety position.

Can you imagine not having to hold your breath every time a corner other than Flowers was on the outside without safety help?

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