Kris Jenkins Won’t Miss Thomas Jones

There were a lot of defections from the New York Jets this offseason, including new Chiefs running back Thomas Jones, but if you listen to Kris Jenkins they won’t be missed.

“We have great guys who have come in to step up and fill in a void of some of the big losses that we have had this (offseason),” Jenkins said.  “In some other cases, we’ve had some real men come in and step in for the women that we lost.  So we’re going to be okay.  Don’t worry about it.”

The Daily News is suggesting Jenkins is specifically talking about safety Kerry Rhodes, but when you throw out such a wide net, you are going to nab everyone that left.

I can’t speak to just how much Jones has much left in the tank, but if he isn’t a “real man” then every team in the league should start stocking their roster with women.

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