Kurt Warner Attends Practice; Impressed By Cassel

Yesterday’s Chiefs practice was closed to the media, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t someone there to report back on the day at Arrowhead.  Former NFL MVP Kurt Warner attended the latest OTA and kept all of his followers on Twitter updated on what he saw.

  • Woke up this morn and took kids to a Chiefs prac and then a visit to play some ball at Arrowhead stadium!
  • Boys spent day counting all the guys on Chiefs team and coaching staff that beat me in a SuperBowl… the list was long and kids enjoyed it!
  • Visiting my old coach Todd Haley and got a chance to address the team… fun day!
  • Sat and watched a whole practice today and not one time did I want to get out there and play… would say I retired at the right time!
  • Matt looked really sharp today… impressive watching and talking with him!

You won’t find a much better endorsement of Todd Haley’s impact on his players than Warner going out of his way to visit Chiefs practice.  The two had their fair share of heated exchanges in Arizona, but they both clearly knew it was all a part of competing and not personal.

So for all of the belly aching we heard through the grapevine about veterans unhappy with Haley’s approach last season, Warner is proof that the Chiefs coach is doing something right.

We’ve talked about Kansas City finding a way to get Trent Green to spend time with Matt Cassel and the other Chiefs quarterbacks to help their progress and teach them about leadership.  The same goes for Warner ten times over.

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