Kurt Warner Gives Todd Haley The Business

When Todd Haley was the offensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals, he had plenty of heated discussions with his quarterback, Kurt Warner.  Now Warner is relaying a good-natured back and forth on Twitter about who the retired signal caller things deserves to be coach of the year in the NFL.

Just talked 2 Todd Haley & he’s mad at me 4 picking Raheem Morris as Coach of year… It is so easy 2 get him fired up! Just like old times!

He (Haley) got even with my by telling me he voted for Bristol Palin on DWTS… LOL, love it!

As is usually the case when you make any sort of comment that is seen as a slight, there was a flood of comments sent back to Warner about why he picked Morris.  Check out his whole timeline for some very clever responses (though @drunktoddhaley isn’t on top of that list).

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