Larry Johnson Calls Out Darren Sharper

Chiefs running back Larry Johnson has taken to his blog with a new segment called “He Hate Me”.  At issue a series of DarrenSharper“tweets” between Sharper and one of Johnson’s female friends.

You can read all of Sharper’s alleged side of the conversation with the woman at LJ’s blog, but here is a taste (clearly all sic’d):

“u neva saw woodson out there doing this club thang, he a family man n loves his fam…u shud preach that to 27, he always on some s*** in da clubs.  he got s*** pendin’ n thems just the ones who actually said sumthin.”

And Johnson’s response:

“I never knew the extent some grown men would go to say anything to try to sleep with a female.  Let my problems be my problems.  He doesn’t know what I been through or what happened for him to judge what happened.  Its messed up to see a veteran in my line of work stoop to a level of bashing me in order to sleep with a friend of mine.  -Cowardly move… LJ”

I have to agree with LJ here 100%.  In fact I think it goes beyond being cowardly.  Sure, I’ve had plenty of problems with some of Johnson’s issues off the field, but I talked about them here because I have a concern for the Kansas City Chiefs, not so I could get a friend of his in bed.

We’ve seen our fair share of trash talking between players, but usually it starts on the field and then the barbs go back and forth.  With the emergence of social networking — specifically Twitter — I have a distinct feeling we are going to see a lot more feuds like this one, where it actually starts off the field.

Unfortunately the Chiefs don’t play the Saints this season, so there will be no way for these guys to settle this on the football field.

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  1. Darren Sharper’s Twitter page is Sharper42

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