Larry Johnson Arrested For Doing Larry Johnson Things

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… Unless it includes strangling your ex-girlfriend after roughing her up in your hotel room at the Bellagio. That’s what allegedly happened early Friday when former Kansas City Chiefs RB Larry Johnson was arrested for battery with strangulation.

Johnson decided to beat up his girlfriend, “throw her around the room” and then strangle her until she fell unconscious, according to TMZ, after the woman asked him about his daughter.

The victim told police she woke up in the hallway of the hotel partially clothed. That’s when she knocked on doors until she found someone that could call for help.

It should come as no surprise that the woman told police Johnson had attacked her multiple times in the past. The former running back told security guards that were

holding him until police arrived that he was able to getting away without being charged “last time”.

Making matters worse, Johnson also allegedly told one of those same security guards he would “rip your f—— vocal cords out”.

If convicted, Johnson faces a minimum of two years in state prison.

Since entering the NFL, LJ was arrested four previous times for some form of violence towards women. He also managed to find other ways to cause trouble, both with his computer and with his mouth.

After being released by the Chiefs, Johnson had unsuccessful stints with the Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins.

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