Larry Johnson “Not A Homophobe”

Larry Johnson’s agent tried to help explain his client’s various verbal attacks over the past couple of days.

Peter Schaffer, Johnson’s agent, said that LJ’s tweets Sunday night were intended to be a compliment to his father and not meant as a slight to coach Todd Haley.

“He was trying to make a statement about his dad,” Schaffer said, “and obviously he didn’t articulate it well.  For that, he’s probably guilty as charged.

“He certainly wasn’t taking a shot at Todd or anybody else.”

Schaffer said Johnson would apologize for his LJ’s use of a homosexual slurs both on his Twitter page and on Monday in the Chiefs locker room.

“He’s not a homophobe,” Schaffer said.  “He just used a poor choice of word, a politically incorrect choice of words, and he’s going to have to apologize for it.  And he should.”

Yes, he should absolutely apologize.  And he should do it from the unemployment line.  Obviously the unemployment line in this case will be his huge house counting his money, but the point is he should no longer be a member of the Kansas City Chiefs.

From the moment he started playing nice with the Chiefs and the Kansas City media I wondered when he would change back to the volatile guy we all know and love.  Frankly, I’m surprised it took so long for it to come out.

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