Larry Johnson To Appeal Suspension

Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson will immediately challenge his two week suspension, according to his agent.LarryJohnson4

“We will be filing an appeal tomorrow,” agent Peter Schaffer said.  “It is our belief that the action did not warrant the discipline unilaterally imposed by the Chiefs.  We’ll be asking for an expeditied hearing, and hopefully we can work out a positive, mutual resolution with the Chiefs.  If not, we’ll defer to the arbitrator’s decision.  Larry’s desire is to get back to his teammates as soon as he can.”

Unlike league-imposed suspensions, which ultimately are appealed to the Commissioner, suspensions imposed by the team are reviewed by an independent arbitrator.

I actually didn’t expect Johnson to appeal the suspension, though I should have known better since everything he has ever said or done has been about himself and his money.  If he truly was remorseful, LJ would have quietly sat at home for two weeks, reported to work his first day eligible and spoken at length with the local media about how he is tired of embarrassing himself.

Instead, Johnson and his agent will come across as men oblivious to the running back’s history or the power of the words he used.

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