Len Dawson On Chiefs Troubles

Several members of the 1969 Super Bowl Champions were in Springfield, MO today to be inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame’s Honor Roll of World Champions.  Hall of Famer Len Dawson was asked about the 2009 Chiefs and he said it’s no secret why they are struggling.

“I know it’s going to take time when I look at the talent that they have, and I look at the other teams they’re playing against and the talent that they have, the things that they’re capable of doing,” Dawson said.  “Kansas City is not in that position right now.  There’s no mystery about why teams win.  They have people.”

A lack of talent, especially on the lines, was a common theme among the players.

The players were all cautiously optimistic about Todd Haley, who they said needs 2-3 years on the job before he can change the team’s current culture of losing.

I think more fans need to accept what Lenny is talking about.

Yes, losing sucks.  But it can’t be that maddening when the teams you are going up against simply have better players.  Going into the season when I looked at the first five weeks I thought the Chiefs would be 1-4 with the one win coming against the Raiders.  They are 0-5.  Which, again, sucks.  But Kansas City just doesn’t have the talent to beat the better teams in the league yet.

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  1. What was the reason Lenny for the Chiefs to fall so quickly from being one of the better afc teams to one of the worst.

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