Pope On Heroics: It Just Had To Get Done

Over the weekend, Kansas City Chiefs TE Leonard Pope saved a young boy from drowning at a friend’s pool party.  Pope sat down with the NFL Network to talk about his heroics.

“As he was just tumbling around in the water, you know, he kind of lost his footing and he went sliding in the deep end a little bit,” Pope said.  “And that’s when I heard his mom, Anne, yell and I was on my way out the house and I just went for it.”

Pope acted instinctively, personal possessions on his person be damned.

“No, everything.  Cell phone, wallet, you know it didn’t really matter because at that time that’s a life on the line and it just had to get done,” he said.

I just can’t get over what Pope did.

As many of you have  been quick to point out, Pope showed the same sort of courage that the late Joe Delaney did back in 1983 when he attempted to save three children drowning.  In fact, Pope’s heroic actions were less than three weeks before the 18th anniversary of Delaney’s tragic death trying to save those kids.

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