Lilja Thriving With Colts, Expected Super Bowl Run

Back in 2004, the Kansas City Chiefs signed G Ryan Lilja, an undrafted free agent from Kansas State.  For Lilja, born in Lake Quivira, Kansas, he couldn’t have pictured a better place to play.

He made it through all of training camp and the preseason that year, until being part of the final cuts.  The Chiefs signed him to the practice squad, but Lilja never made it there.  He was claimed by the Indianapolis Colts and has been a fixture on their offensive line starting every game the last two season’s he has been eligible.

Now that the Colts are headed to Miami for the Super Bowl, Lilja says that the trip “was expected”.

“Nobody is satisfied just going.  You want to win it,” he said.

“That’s the great thing about this team, nobody is patting you on the back just because you are going.”

Lilja added, “Ultimately, you are not going to care about what you did in South Beach.  You are going to care about what you did in the game.”

“We want to win, we want a ring, and that means you shouldn’t be hanging out on South Beach on Saturday night.”

When people talk about undrafted free agent success stories they start with Priest Holmes, Tony Romo, Kurt Warner or countless others but we shouldn’t forget about guys like Lilja.

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