Live Like A Chiefs Coach

How would you like to live like Kansas City Chiefs defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel?  All you need is $1.7 million and the desire to live just outside of Cleveland, where Crennel’s Moreland Hills four-bedroom, four-bath home is up for sale.

The property was previously acquired for $1.5 million on May 2005.  The 6,085-square-foot house was built in 2002 in Moreland Hills West.

According to, there have been 48 home sales in Moreland Hills during the last 12 months, with a median sales price of $337,500.

So if you want the house you are going to pay well above the average for the area, but clearly the other homes aren’t over 6,000 square feet.

Of course then we go back to the fact that you would have to be willing to live in Cleveland.

Crennel is just hoping that someone wants to live out there bad enough to help him break even on the deal.  I’m not real estate expert, but by guess is that he will have an awfully hard time getting someone to pony up the $1.5 million he paid five years ago.  Though something — the $1.5 million house purchase in the first place — tells me Crennel isn’t hurting for money.

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