LJ: Bengals Pass Protections “Easier Than I’m Used To”

Former Chiefs running back Larry Johnson spent his 30th birthday learning the Cincinnati Bengals offense.

He thinks he can play Sunday against the Raiders, but he knows it is depending on the condition of Cedric Benson’s hip abductor muscle and how much the coaches trust him with the offense.

So far, so good after Wednesday’s first practice.  He agrees that it helps he’s already played against the Raiders this season.  He got 78 yards on 22 carries in the Chiefs’ 13-10 loss in Week 2.

Johnson says the plays are pretty much the same, he just has to get used to taking handoffs from quarterback Carson Palmer “and the exchanges were pretty good.”

He says the Bengals’ style of pass protections has helped him pick them up quicker because “they’re a lot easier than I’m used to because there were so many protections in Kansas City.  Here, you pretty much start from what the quarterback tells you to do.”

So all along the problem wasn’t that he was a terrible blocker but that the scheme was too complicated.

Does that mean Dick Vermeil, Herm Edwards and Todd Haley all ran an offense with super-complex protections?

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