LJ, Chiefs Settle

The Kansas City Chiefs and Larry Johnson have agreed to a settlement, according to ESPN.lj10

Johnson is still suspended for conduct detrimental to the team for using a gay slur through Nov. 9 — but will be docked just one game check.  Players are paid weekly over 17 weeks.

His base salary for 2009 is $4.55, so instead of losing $535,294, he will lose $267,647.

LJ’s contract calls for him to receive a per-game bonus of $62,500.  Since he won’t be available for the Jacksonville game, he will also lose that money, so his total monetary loss will be $330,147.

So LJ never cared about being suspended, he just cared about the amount of money he was being docked…  big shock.

As it stands now it looks like Johnson will be back with the Chiefs after the Jacksonville game.  I just don’t understand how anything positive can come out of having him back in the Kansas City locker room.

Obviously a lot can happen over the next week, but it sure looks like LJ will be no worse for the wear.  Sure, he is out 300k but he gets a two week vacation from a team he doesn’t want to be on.  This just doesn’t make any sense to me.

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