LJ’s Agent: No Different From The Cuban Missile Crisis

Larry Johnson’s agent, Peter Schaffer, was a guest on 610 Sports Radio yesterday to talk about the settlement that The Star’s Kent Babb reported.  Joel at Arrowhead Pride took note of the best quotes from Schaffer.BobbyKennedy

“When I talk about a settlement, I look at it as a positive resolution.  Both sides come out with enough that they can win from it.  No different from what Robert Kennedy did in 1962 with the Cuban Missile Crisis….which actually saved us from annihilation of the entire world.”

Schaffer declined comment on whether a settlement would involve a restructuring of his client’s contract but did comment, however, on whether he’s received any indication from the team that LJ has played his last game in a Chiefs uniform.

“I have no reason to think that at all,” he said when asked.  “No reason to think that from anybody.  Our goal is to keep this positive.  If we have to follow through on the appeal, it’s not because we have any personal feelings against the Kansas City Chiefs for filing what they filed.  That’s what they had to do with regards to their professional obligation and I told Scott and Todd if we file an appeal to the sanctions they asked for it’s nothing personal.”

“We will move forward and the Kansas City Chiefs will be happy to have Larry Johnson back and Larry Johnson will be happy to be back,” he said.  “The goal is to win football games.”

You know, I was just about to wrap up my 3,000 word essay on how Larry Johnson throwing around slurs is just like the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Damn.  Though it’s nice to have excuse to put up a picture of the Kennedy brothers.

Seriously, what world is this guy living in?  I understand his job is to paint a pretty picture of his client at all times, but after LJ’s rant in the locker room after last week’s game followed by the now infamous tweets and slur towards the media how can you say Larry Johnson will be happy to be in Kansas City?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t care how this gets resolved, but it better end with Johnson no longer playing for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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