Lloyd Says F You In “The Most Professional Way”

Denver Broncos WR and Kansas City native Brandon Lloyd was the only player on his team to be selected to the Pro Bowl on Tuesday.  On the conference call to talk about his spot on the team, Lloyd took things in an interesting direction, according to the Denver Post.

Lloyd was extremely thoughtful, humble and appreciative until near the end of the conference call when he admitted to taking some personal satisfaction in showing his previous teams in San Francisco, Washington and Chicago that they were mistaken about the type of receiver he could become.

In a half-good natured, half-serious way, Lloyd said: “Yeah, there is something I’d like to say to them: ‘(Bleep) you.’  I mean that in the most professional way.”

They sure know how to keep things classy up in Denver, no?  Although I’ve already received half a dozen emails praising the Blue Springs graduate for his honesty.  Other teams cut him loose before he was able to reach his full potential, so why not say so?  Not the way I’d go, but I can appreciate that view.

As for dropped an f-bomb on a conference call, it’s par for the course with Lloyd.  Back before the Chiefs played the Broncos, he called 610 Sports’ Shan Shariff an a-hole after being asked about the Denver offense slowing down.

Appropriate?  Not quite.  Shocking?  Not quite.

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