Lockout Won’t Change Scott Pioli’s Draft Plan

Even after winning the AFC West in 2010, there’s no question the Kansas City Chiefs have plenty of holes to fill before they will be ready to repeat.  Chiefs GM Scott Pioli told The Star that questions around free agency due to the lockout won’t change the way he attacks the draft process.

“I won’t allow us to ever fall into the trap that we have to do something that is such a short-term, temporary solution,” Pioli said.  “If you become overly short-sighted at any point in time, then I’m abandoning the core philosophy of why I was brought here.

“Yes, we need to fill needs.  But I’m not going to go so need-based that we make short-term decisions.  For us, there is some combination of best player and need, but it’s not the same formula every time.  It’s not always 50-50.  Sometimes it’s 70-30.  Sometimes it’s 80-20.  That’s part of the strategy when you’re on the clock — knowing what other opportunities are out there.”

I wouldn’t expect Pioli to say anything else and here’s to hoping that he means it.  Because you know that both Romeo Crennel and Bill Muir will be pushing hard to fill the needs on their units that may not be able to be addressed via free agency.  Not to mention the fans looking for players that can contribute immediately.

The Chiefs may have to play next year with a few holes remaining, but that’s better than filling those needs with players that don’t fit with what Pioli and Todd Haley want to do in Kansas City long term.

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