LSU: Bust University?

With the Kansas City Chiefs taking players from LSU in the first round each of the past three years, The Star’s Kent Babb takes a look at the lack of success Tiger players have had at the next level.  Of the 35 LSU players drafted since 2003, only one has made the Pro Bowl.

[T]he Chiefs hope Bowe, Dorsey and Jackson can still reach a kind of greatness that once seemed a foregone conclusion.  Dorsey took a step forward last year, after coaches harped on conditioning in an effort to undo years of bad habits.

Jackson showed promise in his rookie season, and the Chiefs hope they got in Jackson’s ear early enough that he won’t repeat his predecessors’ mistakes.  He’s also playing for an organization that emphasizes conditioning and work ethic.  General manager Scott Pioli and coach Todd Haley inherited Bowe and Dorsey, but Jackson was their pick.

For its part, the team is aware of the risks that seem to be involved in drafting an LSU player.  It’s unlikely that the Chiefs will turn to LSU for their top pick a fourth consecutive year.  The school doesn’t have a likely top-10 prospect, but there will be options later.

The Tigers had a dozen players invited to the scouting combine, the most of any college program.  Numbers never were the problem.  And for kicks, one draft Web site predicted the Chiefs will select LSU wide receiver Brandon LaFell in the second round.

Maybe if the Chiefs continue their tendency of drafting LSU players, perhaps it will be LaFell who overcomes the factors that have held back prospects from the school.  Maybe he will be the one scouts have been waiting for.

Then again, some have seen all the evidence they need; they wouldn’t be willing to take the risk.

“It is a concern,” said Chris Landry, the former scout.  “You have to acknowledge it, and you have to step away.”

At this point there are few things that Scott Pioli could do that would shock me, but with that said I would be very surprised if he took a player out of LSU at any point in the draft.

Glenn Dorsey bounced back in a big way after his terrible start last year under the new regime, Tyson Jackson carried himself impressively last year and the jury is still out on Dwayne Bowe after his disappointing 2009.

The fact that Dorsey and Bowe had to be ridden so hard to get on board with Todd Haley’s conditioning program, I have a hard time believing that Pioli will roll the dice again with an LSU product.

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