Magee, O’Callaghan, Horne Among Chiefs Inactives

The Kansas City Chiefs have announced their eight inactive players for tonight’s game against the San Diego Chargers as The New Arrowhead.

WR Jeremy Horne, CB Jackie Bates, FB Mike Cox, LB Cameron Sheffield, LB Justin Cole, DE Alex Magee, OT Ryan O’Callaghan and NT Anthony Toribio.

The most important name there is O’Callaghan.  Not surprising considering he has missed most of the past two weeks.  That means Barry Richardson will need to stay upright tonight because there are no players currently on the roster with extensive tackle experience able to fill in.  If something were to happen to Richardson, the Chiefs would probably be best off shifting Brian Waters over, since he is smart enough to know everyone’s assignments.

The other name that jumps out immediately is Jeremy Horne.  After a promising preseason, the undrafted rookie was coming into tonight as the Chiefs best speed option down the field.  This move is also more proof that Dexter McCluster was never going to miss this game, just as we had reported all weekend long.  If McCluster had actually been close to not playing, Kansas City would want to have Horne on the active roster as insurance for the “ailing” rookie.

If you needed to know how close Magee was/is to being a former Chief, look not further than him being inactive even though the team isn’t exactly rolling with a ton of depth on the defensive line right now.  Especially when you consider that newcomer Toribio isn’t ready to contribute, it’s especially glaring that Magee has been left off the gameday roster.

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