Martial Law On The Defensive Line

After struggling with another season in the pass rush department, the Chiefs only added OLB Cameron Sheffield and NT Shaun Smith this offseason.  Todd Haley expects a lot out of the returning players and, as Josh Looney reports, he has brought in Taekwondo GrandMaster Joseph E. Kim to help those players.

Known by many around league circles as a “pass rush guru,” Kim has worked for seven NFL franchises and one BCS collegiate program.  His involvement in professional football spans over the course of 18 years.

“He’s a real big pass rush specialist,” DE Tyson Jackson said.  “He works with several teams in the NFL and some of the great pass rushers that play this game.  What’s real big with him is the use of hands and hand/eye coordination to develop pass rush technique.”

“I can already tell just from these first few OTAs how much my pass rush technique has improved from the end of last year,” Jackson said.

But why take on Taekwondo to improve the pass rush?

Really, it makes perfect sense.  Each of these NFL defenders has gone through countless hours of coaching from the pee wee ranks, right on up to the professional level.  For the most part, their opponents have undergone similar training aimed at stopping these learned tactics.

When two professionals end up in a one-on-one battle, games are often decided.  Something has to give; something that trumps the hours and hours of football fundamentals that have been preached to these players.  Why not find an edge that goes beyond natural talent, some-how, some-way?

The Chiefs aren’t the only ones utilizing Kim’s expertise.  Earlier this month, Kim was hired by the N.Y. Giants to host a two-day coaching clinic.

Love seeing the Chiefs exhaust all options when it comes to getting the most out of the players they have invested so much money in on the defensive line.  I think Jackson held up well for a rookie and even though his position isn’t about rushing the passer in this defense, he can’t go another season without a sack.  His job is to take up as much space as possible and obviously he will start taking up more if he can start demanding double teams.

Dorsey is a guy that could really take off with the help of Kim.  He was already proving to be a vital part of the Chiefs front seven when he got injured late in the season.  Dorsey was much more disruptive in the backfield than his one credited sack, but like Jackson needs to be able to take that extra step.  Will Taekwondo workouts do the trick?  There’s no way to know, but it’s certainly worth a shot and like Haley’s endless conditioning, there is no downside.

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