Marty Schottenheimer Explains His UFL Decision

It was widely assumed that former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Marty Schottenheimer was all done with work on the sidelines.  At 67, he could watch his son Brian, offensive coordinator for the New York Jets, and enjoy retirment.

Then he decided to become head coach of the Virginia Destroyers of the struggling UFL.  Schottenheimer told Peter King the league offered everything he loves about football without he year-round commitment.

“You build something.  You watch it grow.  You help players develop.  Believe me, when [UFL commissioner] Michael Huyghue approached me about two and a half weeks ago, this was the furthest thing from my mind.  But he came out here, we visited, we played golf, had dinner, and we thought about it.  I talked to [wife] Pat and said to her, ‘Frankly, I don’t see a downside.  Do you?  Tell me if you see a downside.’  She said, ‘I don’t.’  And so all of a sudden, I’m on another life adventure.”

Anyone skeptical about this move have to see why it was the right decision after hearing the reasons.  Sure, the league might not be around in a couple of years, but why says Marty wants to coach longer than that?

Looking for a shot in the arm, the UFL likely wrote a nice check (as big as they can with their financial issues) and offered Schottenheimer the ability to mold players that are really playing to improve their game.  I always thought he would be a fantastic college coach and this will give him the ability to coach/teach while still staying at the professional level.

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