Marty Schottenheimer Wins UFL Championship

In 21 years as a head coach in the NFL, former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Marty Schottenheimer never was able to win a championship.  Despite racking up 200 victories, Schottenheimer was never able to even get to the Super Bowl.

Winning it all wasn’t nearly as big of an obstacle for Schottenheimer in his first year as head coach of the Virginia Destroyers of the UFL.    Schottenheimer led his squad to a 17-3 UFL Championship Friday night over the Las Vegas Locos.

After the game, Schottenheimer was excited about winning his first title with other NFL cast offs like MVP CB Aaron Rouse and RB Dominic Rhodes.

“These are outstanding young men.  It’s a privilege to work with them.”

Odds are Schottenheimer’s first title in the UFL will be his last.  Not because he doesn’t still have coaching in his blood but because the league will be lucky to survive another season.  The league barely was able to operate in 2011 with the season delayed and teams contracted before finding a way to make a four-team, four-game schedule work.

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