Matt Cassel For MVP?

How valuable is Matt Cassel to the Kansas City Chiefs?  SI’s Peter King feels that Sunday’s 31-0 embarrassment at the hands of the San Diego Chargers makes Cassel an MVP candidate.

In the strict sense of “value,” it’s arguable.  In the eight games before Week 14, Cassel had thrown 19 touchdowns and one interception.  He sat Sunday after having his appendix removed Wednesday, and the Chiefs were absolutely dreadful, losing to San Diego 31-0 and generating 69 yards of offense.  Nineteen net passing yards by Brodie Croyle and Tyler Palko. Kansas City did not have a 30-yard drive.

Kansas City had a two-game division lead two days ago.  Now, the Chargers host San Francisco Thursday night, and if San Diego wins, the Chiefs will be playing to keep sole possession of first place in the AFC West next Sunday at St. Louis.  Without Cassel, they’re probably sunk.  One team medic told me the other day that he’d sit an appendicitis victim for two weeks.  We’ll see how Cassel heals this week.

Considering how well Jamaal Charles has played this season and the resurgence of Dwayne Bowe (until the last two weeks, of course) there weren’t a whole lot of “Matt Cassel 4 MVP” signs around Kansas City.  After the disaster that was Sunday’s game in San Diego, it’s not the craziest thing.

The media always likes to point at a player and talk about how steep the drop off would be if the backup was forced into duty.  Well, if we just saw a preview of what life without Matt Cassel looks like then he should have the award delivered to his house this week.

I think there were a lot of issues at play in San Diego and we’ll touch on those coming up, but there’s no doubt that Croyle did not at any point look like he was ready to lead an NFL offense.  That’s tough to take after watching Cassel gel so perfectly with Charlie Weis and Todd Haley’s system.

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