Matt Cassel: Goat Of The Week

The Kansas City Chiefs often aren’t given a fair shake by the local media and I’m the first one willing to jump up and scream foul.  But in this instance, there isn’t any Chiefs fan that can argue with this one.

In his weekly Monday Morning QB column, SI’s Peter King named Matt Cassel as one of his “Goats Of The Week“.

The Chiefs, stunningly, had a shot to win at San Diego late, trailing 20-17 with a minute to play. And Cassel, who’d played his best game since last December up to that point, threw a short pass right into the gut of San Diego safety Eric Weddle. Incredible mistake. Cassel grabbed his head as though he couldn’t believe what he’d just done. Neither could every TV-watcher in great Kansas City.

The perfect punctuation to this unbelievable play happened as Cassel sat down on the bench to sulk.  He attempted to put his baseball cap on his head, but fumbled it on the way up and it fell off his head and on to the ground behind him.

If you are looking for a silver lining with Cassel, well first of all you’re a better person than me.  Second, just look at what Dwayne Bowe was able to do last season while he was under fire both locally and around the country.  After dropping a sure touchdown against the Indianapolis Colts in a 19-9 loss, Bowe used the adversity as way to motivate himself and he ripped off one of the best stretches a wide receiver in the NFL has ever had.

There’s no way of knowing if Cassel can possibly handle this situation as well as Bowe did last year, but something has to give.  He either needs to get out of this funk he has been in so far in 2011 or the Chiefs need to make a change.

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