Matt Cassel Has Appendectomy; Status Uncertain

The Kansas City Chiefs have announced that QB Matt Cassel missed practice Wednesday due to an appendectomy.

The procedure was successful, and the Chiefs said they expect Cassel to return to work this week.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter provided more details on the procedure:

It was laparoscopic surgery on his appedix, which often is less invasive. But still, having had it, tough bounce back.

I’m not a doctor and don’t play one on TV, but Dr. Google tells me the following:

In a minimally invasive technique, called laparoscopic appendectomy, a tiny incision is made and a camera is used.  Laparoscopic appendectomy recovery time is significantly shorter than open appendectomy recovery time.  In the former, post operative pain may be for 12 hours, and hospitalization may be for a day.  In the latter, post operative pain could last for 36 hours, while the patient may be hospitalized for up to 3 days.

So technically it’s possible for Cassel to be back on the field for practice tomorrow though more realistically he is probably looking at Friday.

If he can show there is no rust from the reported minimally invasive surgery, expect to see Cassel line up under center against the Chargers in San Diego on Sunday.  However, if Schefter is wrong and it is the more invasive open appendectomy, then we could be looking at Croyle at least for this week and maybe the next two.

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