Matt Cassel-Tom Brady Links Almost Included The Same Knee Injury

We know that Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel has been linked to New England Patriots QB Tom Brady throughout his career.  First he backed up the future Hall of Famer, then filled in when Brady tore up his knee in 2008 and now Cassel’s first trip to the Pro Bowl is because of a new injury to the Pats signal caller.

None of this is lost on Cassel.

“There are so many ironic, crazy things that go on in my career that consist of those little teams or that person,” Cassel said.  “It’s really weird.  It’s kind of creepy to say the least.”

Creepy indeed.  Don’t forget that we were inches away during Cassel’s first training camp in Kansas City from seeing the Chiefs QB suffer the exact same injury as Brady…  at the hands of the same player!

That August, Bernard Pollard — he of the Brady knee injury — came on an identical blitz during practice as the one against the Patriots and again found himself barreling towards the quarterback’s knee.  Thankfully Pollard was able to stop just short and barely bumped Cassel’s leg but was just thisclose to a repeat of that play from September 2008 at Gillette Stadium.

The sight of their recently minted QB’s season nearly being ended before it began caused more than a few words between the offense and defense on the field, though cooler heads quickly prevailed.

“Pretty weird,” Cassel said at the time.

“I realized what happened,” Pollard recalled after that practice, “and I thought, ‘Oh my God, it’s like a replay.'”

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